At Aspiring Light  we take great pride in the authenticity, creativity and craftsmanship of our work. Each creation is hand cut and hand crafted using authentic stained glass.
 Anni Spires, the company's founder and creative force, adheres to the highest standards for stained glass craftsmanship and ensures that every project created in our studio is a masterpiece.
 Our beautiful creations make the perfect addition to any decor, adding elegance, tranquility and beauty to their environment. Your stained glass can be designed to enhance current decor or provide a transition to an entirely new decor. Your design can be based on existing works or we can design an original pattern from scratch. We work closely with each of our clients, through each step in the creation of their own custom masterpiece.
In addition to enhancing your own surroundings, stained glass objects can make unique, personalized and unforgettable gifts, favors and event keepsakes.

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